Orange County, CA 2017

The Boob Ride Orange County, CA will be on April 22, 2017. The start location is the Irvine Amtrak station. The destination is the Tidewater Tavern in Solana Beach for a big party.

Very Important: Camp Pendleton has a new policy that requires all cyclist to be pre-authorized to ride through the base. If you did not register for The Boob Ride by 4/7/17, then we cannot get you into The Base. 

New for 2017 - The Pink Club

Cannondale has donated a BICYCLE as a reward for a member of the Pink Club. This generous donation is in addition to their sponsorship of the Green Bra.

You can join the Pink Club by donating a minimum of $25. The Pink Club was created in response to Sponsors asking to donate larger prizes for our biggest supporters. The more you donate, the better your odds of winning the prize. Contact us if you want to donate special prizes for the Pink Club.

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100% of rider registration fees go to the cause!

Late Registration is open ONLY to riders who have access to ride through Camp Pendleton. If you have not applied or renewed in the last 11 months, you DO NOT have access to ride the Base. Everyone that registered before 4/7/17 will be submitted to Camp Pendleton for authorization to ride the Base.

The B-Cup route does not go through Camp Pendleton, therefore you do not need to worry about this if you are signing up for the B-Cup.

Event Information

If you haven't done The Boob Ride before, here are some highlights and FAQs

  • Ride starts in Irvine, CA at the Irvine Transportation Center (15215 Barranca Parkway)
  • The destination is Solana Beach for a big post ride party where we give out  fun awards.
  • You can drop off a bag with a change of clothes and a padded blanket for your bike at the start. We will transport them to Solana Beach for you.
  • The Boob Ride providers trucks that bring all the bikes back while the riders take Amtrak home
  • Riders are responsible for their own transportation back and will need to purchase a return Amtrak ticket back to Irvine for the 2:14 train from SOL to IRV.
  • Riders will need to bring money to buy lunch and raffle tickets at the event.

Routes, schedules, and so forth

  • A-Cup is a 30 mile route for those that are big hearted but light on training. We load you and your bikes into a truck and magically transport you to the north end of Camp Pendleton. The ride from this start to Solana Beach is the most scenic part and mostly coastal.
    • Route map is here
    • Must be loaded into the trucks by 7:00 am. (Start time is 9:00 AM at Las Pulgas)
  • B-Cup is a U-turn route. This route is designed for those that want to support the cause and do some of the ride with their friends. You can start with the D or C groups, ride as far as you want to, and turn around as you see fit. Some would say that this is the perfect size, not to small and not too big. Just right!
    • Suggested route is here, but you can go further or turn around sooner.
    • Start is 8:00 am or sooner
  • C-Cup is a 60 mile ride directly to Solana Beach.
  • D-Cup is a 90 mile ride through the Elfin Forest and Rancho Sante Fe. This is a very scenic, but a very hilly and challenging route. Make sure you have the legs and lungs for before you take on this one. Just in case you change your mind, you can stay on PCH at Palomar Airport Road and finish with the C-Group.
  • All routes (except the B-cup) finish at the Tidewater Tavern in Solana Beach
  • Be in by 12:45 or you'll miss the famous awards ceremony.

Registration is Open. Don't be a boob, sign-up now.